About Laura

Ladies I get it! Just like you, I've struggled as a woman in my 20's and 30's in this new world we live in where singles don't just meet in real life anymore. They use online platforms, dating apps, and professional matchmakers. (I would know, I also do that too!) It can be confusing to know a man's real intentions when we have all these new methods of meeting one another when it comes to dating. I was sick of seeing tons of other online programs telling women constantly that something was "wrong with them" or you must "fix yourself" before finding love. The truth is, you deserve a real and lasting love right now, no matter what stage of life you're at. Take this journey with me, and I'm going to teach you real life tools and skills to help you get it! In my own dating struggles, I found an empty void when I went to look for guidance or coaching of any sort. After feeling frustrated for way too many years in the new game of modern dating, I searched inside myself and knew it was my life's purpose to guide women and become your very own modern dating coach. I'm also happy to say that I went from single and hopeless, to happily engaged and am now a mother of two beautiful twin boys! I met my fiancé online, using my own methods that I now teach! It is my ultimate goal to help other women find love and happiness in the digital age just like I did.